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  1. <3 there is <3 if i didnt need to rep more people b4 u lol
  2. RAWR
  3. u suck as if!!
  4. I work at a courier company packing/unpacking trucks, and nah i don't have steam, don't play nemore lol
  5. Ohh true thats awesome whats ur job??
    n yeh i havnt been on for a fair few months either lol
    im so bored n tired aye
    got work later on tonight was helping my friend move house yesterday exhausted as
    u still on my steam list?
  6. lol dw i haven't been on gotgames for the past 3 months haha, last week i have tho.

    Got a job and finished hsc loool
  7. yeh i know..
    i havnt been around u missed me? haha
    what u been up2?
  8. where the fuck have you been? LOL
  9. how did u get my steam addy? lol
    i have like 100 invites didnt know which one u were so i had to add them all
  10. ;D, oi add us to steam i sent an invite but you didn't accept.
  11. i really like that dp lol
    never get over it
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